SAESA is not just about fashion. This brand is about expressing feelings and we want to make you feel special, because that's what's our products are - a special.


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About brand SAESA about our WORLD

Behind the story of the special one

The brand SAESA is DREAM of our CEO and Founder SANDRA. She wanted to create a unique and exceptional brand so, she decided to create this special one, the brand called SAESA. Sandra wants to create a iconic and special pieces and bring unique stuffs, to the world. Behind everything is Sandra, who owns, created and edits this online store, comes up with ideas for collections and of course, she designs this original pieces for you and takes care of the visual side of SAESA products. That ultimately means, that this brand is different, because every collection has own idea, what means, that every piece, has given time and space, to deliver everything necessary to our customers. Because, this is what everybody want - wear unique pieces and feel chosen. We made everything with love and bringing creative mind and strong mindset to our stuffs. This iconic brand, expresses these things very intense. SAESA is not only about fashion, this brand is about feelings and we want to make you feel special, because that's what our products are -

- a special -

Welcome to our world SAESA & Enjoy this ride!

You want a GOOD STUFF? Choose SAESA!

SAESA products are for everyone and every piece is made and designed to the detail for your pleasure and made to measure for you. We use high quality sustainable materials like cotton or organic cotton. We also use high quality embroidery prints on our items. Every inscription, represents a thought or mood and yeah, it's cool to wear this clothes, really! So, do you like it? Are you ready to be obsessed with SAESA and wear this iconic pieces?

If you choose our brand SAESA, let us know about it. We want to see your choice and your iconic style! Use #saesa #saesastore or #saesabrand on your social media and join to our community. Our feedback is important to us, so if you have any questions, send us an e-mail or write us a message on our social media. Enjoy our products and don't forget - everybody is a special and unique.

Thank you for your support and thank you for making the brand SEASA even more special!